Client Testimonials

"Grant has been my personal trainer since 2001. Over the past several years, he has kept me motivated by doing workouts that fit my needs and capabilities.

Grant’s knowledge and expertise have also helped me understand how my body and mind are connected and how one cannot be healthy without the other. The workouts are fun too.

Our weekly sessions remind me that I’m never going back to being the 225-pound woman I once was!"

Marlene Da Conceicao, CFP
National Director, Inside Sales

"I have been training with Grant for over 10 years. I first went to see him to deal with terrible pain in my knees and lower back. I am a gardener, and I knew that if I didn’t do something, I would lose the ability to do the activities that bring me the most joy in life.

Grant has helped me overcome pain and weakness in my lower back, knees and core. Also, my balance and co-ordination are much improved. But, there is one thing that Grant helped me with that overshadows even these considerable achievements and that's fear management. I have learned to cope with and face situations that I was previously unable to. I did this by learning very simple mindful techniques. Quite amazing. Thank you, Grant!"

Carol Connely

"I am a 66-year-old woman who has trained with Grant for the past 13 years. His ability to identify each client's needs and create their individual personal program is impressive. I have a movement disorder and Grant took it upon himself to learn about it so he could best help me.

Grant prefers working with those "of a certain age" to help us maintain or, usually, improve our quality of life. His focus on functional training keeps us in shape to play with our kids/grandchildren by building muscle strength, balance, mobility, stamina and, as a perk, toning muscles I never knew existed.

He is extremely knowledgeable about biomechanics, nutrition and stress management. Truly a renaissance man!"

Wendy Paul

"Grant provides unique, custom-tailored fitness training, methods and advice. He is very accommodating of my previous workout days (tired muscles), weak points in my body, and chronic injuries that I am working through. He has taught me methods of alternatively working some muscles to reduce the impact any injuries may cause.

The difference between Grant and other trainers I have worked with is his broad knowledge of concepts in fitness – functional training, powerlifting, calisthenics, TRX and suspension training, agility training, HIIT circuit training, and much more. He continues to acquire new knowledge and certifications to expand his toolbox, providing even more dynamic and custom-tailored training regimes every day."

Zia Fehrenbach

"Grant has been my trainer, coach and guide since May 2000. I took up personal training after having had arthroscopic surgery on my right knee. The orthopaedic surgeon warned me that if I did not start engaging in regular exercise I would be back within a year for surgery on the left knee.

I decided I would need a physical program that would take into account my aging body and my own physical capacity, that would challenge me just enough to move beyond my comfort zone, that was flexible enough to do in a gym or on the road as my lifestyle demanded, that would keep me motivated through all kinds of diversions, and that would deliver real results in terms of strength, endurance, coordination and general fitness. Working with Grant, I have received all this and more.

Over the years my needs have changed a little, particularly since I have begun to have more leisure time to take up hiking. The fact that I have done a major international hike (New Zealand, Chile, California, Italy, Thailand, Cuba), each year since 2010 and kept up with fellow travelers half my age or more, is testament to the program and coaching Grant has provided—consistent, no nonsense, with encouragement as necessary, in a way that keeps me motivated."

Janet Maher, PhD, Senior Research Officer
Applied Research and Innovation, Centennial College