Available Programs

Functional Training

Functional training targets muscles used in everyday tasks – such as gardening, vacuuming or lifting children. By emulating every day movements, functional exercises use multi-joint movements to teach the body's muscles to work together more efficiently. This type of training prepares the body to perform its daily tasks with greater ease.

Functional training emphasizes core stability, balance, strength and flexibility. Improving in these areas helps prevent injury and maintain independence. This is especially important for seniors interested in active aging and aging in place.

Mindfulness-Based Training

Mindfulness is a mental state achieved by focusing one's awareness on the present moment, while calmly acknowledging and accepting one's feelings, thoughts, and bodily sensations.

Mindfulness lends itself amazingly well to fitness. By focusing your attention on very specific elements of an exercise – on the sensation that is occurring when performing a repetition or contracting a muscle, for example – you not only develop your physical fitness but your mental health as well. The goal of mindful training is to achieve balance – physically, mentally/emotionally, and spiritually.

Mobility Training

Mobility exercises focus on increasing your range-of-motion or control of the muscles that surround each joint. Mobility incorporates flexibility to help prevent injury and promote a longer, healthier life. It is also a good complement to weight training or other intensive muscle work.

With regular mobility work – even 15 minutes a day – you can improve range of motion, increase flexibility, build a base for stronger muscles, and become more efficient in your movements.

Sport Specific Training

Whether you’re a walker, runner, soccer player, cyclist – or any other athlete – sport specific training is designed to help you reach peak performance.

We start with a static and dynamic postural assessment to determine your functional abilities and identify any imbalances that may be holding you back from progressing toward your full potential. Then, based on your specific sport (and position), I design a tailored exercise program. To cap it off, you’ll receive cognitive training to help you develop the mind of a true champion.

Weight Management

Revolve’s weight management program combines functional training with healthy eating planning to help you achieve your weight and body mass goals. Most importantly, it includes cognitive training techniques and mindfulness practice to help you overcome the mental obstacles that can sabotage long term success.